Reynen And Bardis Development - Built my parents faulty Reynan&Bardis house

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My retired parents own a home in a R&B tract in Calif. They have raised 5 kids and stay together through every hardship dealt to them. Now in their late 60s they have to endure a their house crumbling under their feet as 1/2 of it slides toward the street and the other 1/2 slides towards the golf course.

They have been given the smoke and mirror routine by the R&B company supts. for almost five years.

Last summer I did some inside investigation and was able to obtain John Reynans personal home phone number as well as a number straight to his desk. I called him and politely explained my parents circumstance, he promised me he would personally send his people out the next day to evaluate the home. I also told him the home could be fixed for between 150k and 200k this is hobby money to him.


John Reynan has filed personal BK so he could hold on to his 3.5 mil home and his other 4 multi million dollar homes, one of them is in Puerto Vallarta Mex. It has been said his driveway to his main residence cost him $350,000. Don't let anybody fool anybody by saying R&B are pillars of the society. They are wealthy blood thirsty ignorant tyrants who monopolize land deals to thwart other builders chances of building profitable projects that can add to a community at affordable prices.

Who was watching the helm at R&B for all of the years from 2001 to 2006 when the economy was mutating into a monster with no chance to survive a certain downturn.

Why would some 70 year old men John Reynan and Cristo Bardis need to acquire so much wealth when they most likely will only live another 8 or 9 years. because they are power tyrants who will cheat, steal and lie their way into the next deal to make them seem wealthier and more like gods. If they could have stopped their quest 10 years ago they could have left enough money in the bank to support everybody in their families for the next 50 years. Plus still buy almost anything on earth they wanted.

Don't let anybody tell you that R&B does many nice things for the community, they don't do anything for anybody unless there is a return for them in some sort of fashion. They give no free rides to anyone.

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Reynen And Bardis Development - Stucco fell off in 5 years

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I purchased my home in 2000 and it is now 2008.For the past 3 years I have been fighting with reynin and bardi the builder to replace the stucco that has fallen off my house with no result from them .

I hired a contractor to look at my house and found out that they had not placed plywood to adhere the stucco to. It was also stuccoed in the winter therefore causing it to freeze and contributed to it falling off my house. I now have to hire an attorney to get the problem resolved with the builder they are claiming no liability.

This has happened to many home in the community I live in and feel they are responsible for the repairs.


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What was the final outcome?


Would like to know how you are doing with your complaint.I am writing you on Oct.

6, 2010.

For some reason this site is dating my comments in June of 2010.Will try to find out why, hope to hear from you.

DeeDee Wilson

Reynen And Bardis Development - Worst builder I have dealt with

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We purchased a home from Reynen and Bardis in December of 2002.Immediately we started to notice some cracking in our walls.

We contacted Reynen and Bardis and were told that this was normal settling and we should wait 90 days and they would correct the issue. Well it has been all down hill from there. We did wait the 90 days and per their request we submitted their "90 Day Report". We included the structural issues as well as the normal minor issues that arise with a new home.

We turned this report in on March 19th 2003. We had to send certified letters and make many phone calls to get the first list of minor issue corrected, Reynen and Bardis finally corrected our first list of minor issues on August 7th 2003. It took Reynen and Bardis 141 days to correct things like a window sill not painted. After 441 days and the attention of several news organizations, including TV, we are starting to get out house worked on.

We have spent thousands of dollars on our own geotechnical and structural engineers. Our engineer's reports state that Reynen and Bardis failed to adequately address the drainage around our home. Reynen and Bardis have yet to fix our structural issues. When we were purchasing our home we noticed they had to replace the sheetrock in their model.

We were told by Reynen and Bardis that post tension foundations would not have the same issue. There is too much information to list here so take a look through our website. We will post current events in our forum so that everyone can see for themselves the nightmare we have faced. This web site was set up to help others not fall into the same trap with their new home.

We know of other people with the same structural issues with Reynen and Bardis, if you want to share your story on this site please let us know.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.Welcome to our nightmare.

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Would like to know is the website mentioned in this article is still up and running. Can you provide me with the site address. Look forward to hearing from you.


Just another screwed consumer in River Park Community in Dayton NV.

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